FrameFormer: Software Standards Conversion

Content production is costly, so it's critically important to maintain a high picture quality when transforming your content into new frame rates for international distribution. Motion compensated frame rate conversion gives the best results when transforming content between different international standards, but relies crucially on accuracy of the motion vectors used to estimate each object's trajectory. Erroneous or inaccurate motion vectors can result in highly visible picture defects.

FrameFormer from InSync uses proprietary finely-tuned algorithms for motion detection and motion vector estimation which help it stand out from other software converters.

Find out more about the benefits of using FrameFormer for your conversions - read about the InSync Difference.

FrameFormer from InSync

FrameFormer is motion compensated standards conversion software which is available as a plug-in for Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion, Adobe Premiere Pro and Imagine Communications SelenioFlex™ File.

If you need a standalone software converter, FrameFormer is available within the Hiscale FLICS ¦ SOLO FF solution or as libraries supplied by InSync Technology for integration into your custom workflow. Let us know your requirements and we can assist you with integration.

Download the FLICS ¦ SOLO brochure.

Download the FrameFormer overview.

Download the FrameFormer for FCP X brochure.

Download the FrameFormer for Adobe Premiere Pro brochure.

Professional or Standard Edition?

FrameFormer is available as the Standard Edition, or as the Professional Edition. The Standard edition of FrameFormer supports typical SD and HD standards, with a range of preset Aspect Ratio Controls (ARC) and can be used on a single machine (node locked). The Professional edition supports any valid frame rate and resolution including UHDTV. Aspect Ratio changes can be manually controlled, and both single licence and floating licence models are supported.

Standard Edition versions are available from our web store - see here or visit our product pages.

The Professional Edition is available from InSync - please see here for more information.



FrameFormer standard edition